For some of us, eating great food is a big priority in life. But when one is talking about a visit to Italy food will probably be one of the things you will be most excited about. The truth is that you can  find excellent food throughout Italy but, even in this culinary heaven, there are destinations that are particularly famous among foodie travelers.  If you’d like to really send your tastebuds into orbit, you’ll include Puglia on your next trip to Italy.

Let us take you to Puglia's most Amazing

Fish & Seafood restaurants

Italy is considered one of the happiest countries, where people live longer. We’re pretty sure our incredible cuisine plays a role. We don’t just eat. We dine with gusto. Our foods connect us to our diverse heritage, one that includes French, Spanish, Arabic and Jewish influences. It is over a meal that we come together in celebration. We’d love for you to join in our fun, so we’ve created eight culinary trails that cover the entire area. Use our helpful site to find quintessential flavors, such as our famous ”Tiella barese” “homemade orecchiette” and “eggplant parmesan”. We will take you to fine dining establishments as well as mom-and-pop diners. As you explore, you’ll also meet the people behind these great dishes, people like Fabrizio of Mint Cucina Fresca, one of Italy’s best gourmet. And for every trail you’ll find suggestions for culinary experiences to take your trip to a new level.

We created Culinary Travels in order to provide the best guide possible for travellers to Italy, who are just longing to taste the unique flavours that only food from the region can provide. We guarantee you will know more about the famous cuisine present in southern Italy after just a few moments on our site. Our superb local knowledge and long term experience in the area will cover any of the queries you have.  Our mission is to bring healthy, great-tasting food & wine to as many people as possible while giving top-consideration to eco-friendly practices.  For this purpose, the personalities we've chosen to feature on our site are some of the most celebrated chefs in the industry.  We feature lifestyle and wellness personalities, wine experts, travel consultants, as well as extraordinary next-door neighbours who are continuously pushing the envelope in culinary innovation.  We hope our site has opened the door for you to connect with the power and joy of southern italian food and wine....